Corporate Social Responsibility

United Trust (UT)


United Group, one of the most trusted business houses of the country, has all along been committed towards its responsibilities to the society and the industry it operates. Since its inception in 1978, it has been involved in activities towards transforming that commitment into a reality.

United Trust (UT), formed in 2010, is the social welfare platform of the Group which started its journey with the initial objective to ameliorate the sufferings of the poor and deprived population. Its primary aim is to improve the quality of life across the board with special focus on rural society.

Today, United Trust:

  • patronizes around 24 Schools and Madrasahs providing education to more than 8000 students
  • operates 7 rural Clinics/small Hospitals where more than 100,000 outdoor patients are being treated
  • facilitates nearly 2500 cataract operations per year almost free of cost
  • runs credit free scheme to encourage self-employment through various programs which spread over 7000 families.
  • undertakes other social development works like hygienic sanitation, safe drinking water, monetary assistance for education, marriage support, donations to religious and charitable institutions.


UT operates its work in four broad sectors:

  • Education

UT aims to raise the standard of rural education through "capacity building". At the moment, it closely patronizes 1 College, 4 High schools, 3 Madrasahs (Kamil & Fazil), 8 Primary Schools, 3 Hifzkhana and 5 Orphanages that educates more than 8000 students.

It also encourages education by providing scholarships to financially underprivileged but meritorious students every year.

It also provides residential education of about 55 orphans and patronizes another 100 orphans in different institutions.

United Trust also promotes technical and vocational education by providing necessary counseling and financial assistance to the poor students.


  • Health

UT has so far established rural health clinics/small hospitals at Jamalpur, Louhojong, Kishoreganj, Feni, Sherpur and Gaibandha. Most of these facilities have outdoor treatment, pathology support and cataract operation facilities.

On an average UT facilitates over 1,00,000 outdoor patients, provides free medicine to 15,000 patients and perform over 2,500 cataract operations almost free of cost every year.


  • Poverty Alleviation

UT introduced "Interest Free Micro-Credit and Loan" for the rural women, marginal businessman and the farmers. Over 7,000 families are direct beneficiaries of this scheme.

Last year, UT sponsored 10 distressed women (victims of gender violence) through rehabilitation training and job placement in collaboration with an NGO named TARANGO.

In addition, UT also arranges for vocational training ('Electrical' and 'Welding') for 60 unemployed youths per year with UCEP Bangladesh, including job placement as well.


  • Social Development

UT aims to address the immediate needs of the people. About 40-50 homes, 25 tube-wells, 600-800 semi-pucca toilets per year are being provided free of cost to the destitute families.

In addition, monetary assistance is being provided to approximately 100 helpless families for specific purposes like marriage, debt payment and advance treatment etc.