Home is where the heart is. It is a place of solitude and tranquility, a place where we may go back to at the end of a hard day’s labor, and finally find peace. It is where some of the best of memories are made with the love and affection of family and close friends. It is a place we may truly call our own.

At United Group, this is a mantra that we firmly believe in. After all, this is what we look for in our own homes. Our team in United Property Solutions Ltd. is dedicated to work with the best architects and interior designers of the country to build residential masterpieces composed of the best quality of materials and aesthetic signatures. Every aspect is well thought of; from the minute details of proper ventilation to ideal room placement to even finding the right balance of dark and light for creating the best of ambience.



It is quite common for one to find both cozy corners and cool private balconies in our creations, sometimes just next to each other. This is because we believe that it is all these ingredients working together that makes a home special.

However, it does not end there. UPSL is currently also concentrating on building management, maintenance and security, meaning our properties will continue to look the way it does when we hand over the keys to our valued clientele. It is a privilege for us when they step in through their doors for the first time and declare that this is where they belong. It is a sense of accomplishment quite unmatched by anything else, when we know that our efforts have led to happiness.

For us, it is not just about building high quality structures it is about making innovative life spaces.