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Real Estate

We at United sketch your dreams and give you a home and a place of work that suits your desire and longing. Beautiful homes are the longing of every human heart. Our residential projects located at the most luxurious, prominent regions of Dhaka ensure that our customers enjoy the tranquility of their homes in style, substance and safety. Our commercial projects, on the other hand offer to be the perfect workspace for the best businesses with modern designs and state-of-the-art facilities. Prime locations, superb architecture with brilliant looks, these commercial spaces promises to spiff up any company portfolio.



United Property Solutions Ltd. is dedicated to work with the best architects and interior designers of the country to build residential masterpieces composed of the best quality of materials and aesthetic signatures. Every aspect is well thought of; from the minute details of proper ventilation to ideal room placement to even finding the right balance of dark and light for creating the best of ambience.


Welcome to the country’s first and most diversified leisure, tourism and business service project. This venture will serve the country’s tourism and business sectors as well as cater to a demanding consumer market that is taking off in Bangladesh.


At NLDL, we want to bring communities together and create stronger bonds of friendship and harmony among neighbors and friends. In short, we want to create a perfect home. After all, home is where the heart is, and that is one thing that we hope to achieve – to win over your hearts.


Gulshan Centre Point is a 26 storied, state-of-the-art, energy efficient, mixed use development, conveniently located at the beating heart of Gulshan - 2. The building is designed by the best architectural, structural and mechanical consultant from Bangladesh and abroad. Gulshan Centre Point is set out to be a blend of post -modern and contemporary urban design, a commanding edifice in the Dhaka skyline.