At A Glance

To cater the ever increasing electricity demand of Industrial and Commercial Projects of Sylhet area, UNITED ENERGY LTD(UEL). setup a Commercially Independent Power Plant in Kumargaon, Sylhet. The company has built and is currently operating a Natural Gas fired 28 MW power plant in Kumargaon, Sylhet.

  • 28 MW Gas based Commercial Independent Power Producer
  • To cater increasing  electricity  demand  of Industrial  and  Commercial  Projects  of  Sylhet  area
  • Enjoys financing from Standard Chartered Bank, Mauritius
  • Number of Generators: 3 units each of capacity 9.34 MW
  • Genset Model: Rolls-Royce Norway B35:40V20AG2
  • Capacity: 28 Megawatts
  • Expected Commercial Operation Date (COD): July 2013
  • Clientele: Rural Electrification Board, Bangladesh Power Development Board