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RANGS Properties Ltd. contrives the nations’ revolutionary buildings inspired by the word ‘Renaissance’ itself echoing the philosophy of disruptive ideas & innovations bringing change to life. We try to enact the essence into our projects with the utmost attention to detail and creative thinking to craft aesthetically pleasing structures. We affirm that each of our structures outstands itself in the city of concrete.

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The best design solutions aren’t only about optimizing spaces but creating a way of human experience addressing complex needs. Novel architectural design depicting modern & contemporary art is one of our core strength pillars. Each of our design is created from freshly brewed concepts, masterpieces which are ahead of its time, brilliantly crafted by extraordinary minded maestros of the nation.

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We understand your craving for green living & seamless experience. Keeping that in mind, we design your home & office with zestful ambiance and sophisticated grandeur. The fair-faced finish on the exterior with extended ceiling height interior, we render the luxury impression you seek for. Our latest endeavor-vertical green, a brainchild of RANGS Properties portray that we nurture nature with the proposition of setting ourselves differently in the crowd.

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Our structures speak of the rectangular & triangular skeleton, intricately placed by columns that merge at the perfect angles. Every shape, constructed curves, linear patterns depict correct mathematical proportions, & architectural algorithms that reflect advanced & futuristic construction- a centerpiece image of RANGS Properties.

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RANGS Properties has gradually set a signature mark in today’s real estate landscape with its bold architecture & lean construction. Over the years we have translated through our buildings, the future is now. The nestled antiquity of pure structural excellence within the urban clime is our inherent mark, setting us apart.