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Luxury Residences. High-value Commercial Properties. Master-plan Townships.


With over 20 years of industry expertise, a multi-disciplinary team of experienced professionals and a brand heritage synonymous with aesthetics and exclusivity, Hamid Real Estate Construction Limited and the Priyoprangon brand continue the enterprise of designing and developing properties that stand out for their uniqueness and high value.

Priyoprangon as a brand has, over the past three decades, grown in pace with the real estate market here in Bangladesh, with selectivity of developable plots a priority and its flair for prime building design a hallmark. This is evident in every facet of the lands and spaces we have crafted into homes and offices since our inception.

From our signature property at 2 Paribagh-that won the Best Design Award in 2000 of the Institute of Architects, Bangladesh — to the residential and commercial complexes we build today, our focus on quality has been absolute and our pledge to on-time delivery steadfast.

Our Approach to Property Development we understand how the quality of our lives is directly linked to our natural and built environments. This is precisely why we have adopted what we call our SE3 approach to property development:

Exclusivity — We are highly selective when it comes to locations. This ensures that all Priyoprangon properties become investments for the longer term, always appreciating in value.

Excellence — Design finesse is the defining signa-ture of Priyoprangon buildings. Aesthetics in design and form are easily discernible features of our properties, incorporated to accentuate the lifestyles of its dwellers.

Execution — Our expertise in design execution is unmatched. Our architects, designers and planners work as a team to manage and measure every aspect of the planning and building process, right from the sketches on the drawing board to the physical completion of every project.

The real estate sector is poised for rapid growth in the years ahead, thanks to our fast-growing economy, fuelling the rise in consumer and corporate incomes. We, therefore, see ample opportunities for our business expansion and aim to become Bangladesh's premier real estate company, setting the highest standards for ethics, customer service, building design and quality. We know we have what it takes to get there, because we are in tune with today's living.

You are invited to the venture that not only meets the standard of today's advancing dwelling place but also exceeds them. We blend the latest in technology with more than a decade's experience, with a vision of excellence that is right In Tune with Today's Living.

Our projects radiate dignity and style and represent the elegance of true modern city living. Designed by the top architects of the nation and constructed in detail with handpicked building materials, Priyo Prangon exhibits natural looking magnificent and innovative exterior elevations that never fail to stand out.

The luxury apartments offered to our clients are best known for their efficient & robust utility systems, modern backup power facilities and compatibility with a set of lifestyle features for comfort (central water heating systems, cable TV, wireless internet, etc) making it the most desirable real estate brand to buy in Bangladesh.

Our projects are located in selected regions. Good locations ensure good value of the properties. HRECL is aware of this aspect and chooses its sites carefully which has till date been very attractive to our clients making all its projects flourish.

Hamid Real Estate Construction Limited offers our clients with a set of specialized services:

Land Development
Construction of multi-storied / high-rise residential and commercial buildings
Preparation of bid documents, drawing and estimates
Participation in contracts and lease negotiation
Arrange financial assistance for our clients from selected institutions
Counsel clients in development of their land / properties

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14 Apr 2018

Hamid Group had celebrated Pohela Boishakh festival


17 Jan 2018

Hamid Group employees celebrated Managing Director’s birthday


24 Oct 2017

Mr. Enthekhabul Hamid, Managing Director of Hamid Group , has been appointed as the Honorary Consul of Republic of Botswana in Dhaka, Bangladesh.