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Hamid Economic Zone

Government of Bangladesh has approved Hamid Group to develop a private Economic Zone at Trishal, Mymensigh which will indeed contribute in the national economic growth in course of time.

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The site of the zone is located in Mathbari Union under Trishal Upazila of Mymensingh District, along Dhaka-Mymensingh Highway. The site covers an area of 153 acres on private low and comparatively less fertile agricultural land with no habitations.

HEZ project site is adjacent to the Dhaka-Mymensingh Highway. Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport is about 76.6 km away from the proposed HEZ site by road network. Distance between Mymensingh Railway Station and the proposed HEZ is about 29.7 km and the same to Joydevpur Railway Station is about 66 km. It is at distance of 30km from Mymensingh District Commissioner’s Office at north corner of the zone and 9.2 km from the Upazila Headquarter. HEZ will be connected by Dhaka-Mymensingh Highway (4- lanes).

Road Transport and Highways Division of the Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges is implementing a project titled ‘Joydevpur - Mymensingh Road Transport Project (Package-3)’ to a 4-lane Highway and this road will be connected with another mega project titled ‘South Asia Sub-regional Economic Cooperation (SASEC)’ aimed to improve Joydevpur- Chandra-Tangail-Elenga Road. Much of the demand for space in the proposed zone will be likely from companies that will relocate or expand operations from Dhaka and Chittagong.

Plot Type Number of Plots Area in Acre %
Export Processing Area (EPA) 31 36.57 23.90
Domestic Processing Area (DPA) 36 42.84 28.00
Commercial Area   3.35 2.19
Non-processing Area   70.25 45.91
TOTAL 67 153 100

The government has provided a number of incentives to encourage industrial enterprises to establish new industries in an economic zone and relocate/expand away from Dhaka city. Factors inspiring confidence for the success of economic zone development in Bangladesh include existence of high demand for fully serviced EPZ plots.

Industrial lands are scarce in Dhaka, and many business entities, from leather processing to garments factories were apparently set up in residential areas without adhering to workplace safety and environmental concerns. As a result, some parts of Dhaka have become non-liveable. Some industries have already managed relocation within the vicinity of Dhaka (Gazipur, Joydevpur, Savar, Asuhlia, Tongi, Kanchpur, Rupgonj etc.) city. However, the left behind industries are now under pressure to relocate their enterprises away from the city. Under the circumstances, repositioning of these industries could save city from environmental hazards to a great extent on the one hand and also save time and resources on the other, and thus lower the cost of doing business as well as the per-unit cost of products.

Besides local pressures (city dwellers, government and environmental groups), there is international pressure for appropriate steps for implementation of compliance to workers’ safety and security and improvement of working conditions. The willingness on the part of the enterprises is also obvious. Besides, RMG and leather, other export potential industries such as plastic, pharmaceuticals, light engineering, etc. have long been looking for suitable relocation with possible one-stop-service facilities as provided in EPZs. round 93% of the plots under the existing eight EPZs have already been leased out. This demonstrates a high industrial/export potential of hinterland, necessitating provision of additional land for industrial activity.

Other factors include access to private sector funding, availability of skilled labour, conducive policy environment, provision of legal coverage for attracting/leveraging private investment and provision of tailored infrastructure services is expected to help drive investments in the EZs and so on.

The EPZs and industrial estates developed by Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC) in Dhaka and Chittagong are at a near 100% occupancy level. Older sites in the vicinity of Dhaka and Chittagong demonstrate a 100% occupancy rate, though as with all such developments, there is an unavoidable delinquency rate. The Dhaka and Chittagong EPZ also has 100% occupancy rates. Industrial parks in and around Dhaka fill up very quickly.

Key Site Facts and Location:

Hamid Economic Zone (HEZ) is located in Mathbari Union under Trishal Upazilla of Mymensing district along Dhaka to Mymensing 4 lane Highway which will be expand to 6 lane Highway soon and connected South Asia Sub regional Economic Co-operation (SASEC). The site covers the area 153 Acres is equivalent of 619,168 Sqm will be future expanded to 300 Acres equivalent to 1,214,055 Sqm.


HEZ site is adjacent to Dhaka-Mymensing Highway. Hazarat Shahjalal Airport is about 76 km away from HEZ site by road network. Distance between HEZ and Mymensingh Railway station is 30 km and 9km to Trishal Upazilla headquarter. Land port of Haluaghat, Akhaura, Hilli is 75 km, 159 km, 240 km respectively. Chittagong Sea port and Mongla Sea Port is about 334 km and 323 km respectively from HEZ.

Utility Services and HEZ description:

The primary road inside the zone is 25.5 meter wide including footpath, bicycle lane and median on both sides of the road with full time electricity network providing Gas based Power plant, the zone would use both ground and surface water. To ensure water supply throughout the entire site, a deep tube well (DTW) and pump house along with an overhead tank. Natural Gas connection, Telecom connectivity available in the HEZ. Industrial effluents will be collected from the industries through an effluent pipe network and will be treated in the CETP. Sewerage treatment plant will be setup for treatment of the sewerage water. Natural waterbody within the HEZ will be retained for eco-friendly environment with naturally flows the surrounding river. The project site will be developed considering highest flood level with adequate drainage systems. The rain water storage provision for landscaping. A peripheral walkway has been introduced along the boundary wall to increase the sense of security, Adequate green space is denoted along with water body within the residential zone as well as road side, The whole area is designed with an efficient traffic circulation system with major road and minor road, Holiday Bay, Hotel, Restaurant, Health care will be provided as required.

Suitable for Industries:

The weather of the site is characterized by tropical monsoon climate as average 25.3 degree C. Considering parameters of suitability of land, suitability of proximity to port facility, Environment suitability, Open green and Water body, labor availability, Presence of raw materials, Presence of forward linkage industries, Export competitiveness, Import substitution prospect, Suitability with respects to existing local demand for the products the short listed sectors are:

1. RMG

2. Textile

3.Food Processing

4. Light Engineering

5. Furniture

6. Feed

7. Cosmetics/Chemicals/Ceramics Products

8. Plastic

9. Leather Foot-ware

- Income Tax exemption for 10 years

- Duty free import of raw materials Economic Zone declared as custom bonded area

- Exemption from dividend tax

- Full repatriation of Capital and dividend

- No ceiling of FDI

- 100% backward linkage of raw-materials and accessories to sell for EOI in DTA

- 20% sale of finished product to DTA

- Sub-contracting with DTA allowed

- 50% Exemption of stamp duty and registration fees for registration of leaseholder land/factory spaces

- Exemption of VAT on all utility services

- Duty exemption on export Exemption of CD for import of vehicles

- Exemption of double taxation subject to the existence of double taxation agreement

- Exemption of salary income from IT for expatriates

- Foreign loan is allowed in compliance with existing laws

- FC account for non-residents

- FC account for both local and joint venture Industry

- Foreign investors to be free to enter into JV Tax exemption on royalties, technical fees etc.

- Tax exemption on capital gains from transfer of shares

- Provision of transfer of shares by foreign shareholders and investors

- Issuance of work permit to foreigners is allowed up to 5% of total officers/employees of an industrial unit

- Re-investment of remittable dividend to be treated as new foreign investment

- Resident visa for investment of US $75,000

- Citizenship for investment of US $ 1,000,000 or more

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14 Apr 2018

Hamid Group had celebrated Pohela Boishakh festival


17 Jan 2018

Hamid Group employees celebrated Managing Director’s birthday


24 Oct 2017

Mr. Enthekhabul Hamid, Managing Director of Hamid Group , has been appointed as the Honorary Consul of Republic of Botswana in Dhaka, Bangladesh.